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Online Hijab Shop UK

The Concept of Hijab in Islam

Allah Almighty has ordered the men and women in Islam to control their glances and guard their private parts. Along with the hijab of eyes, men and women have also been commanded to be careful about their dress code. Women of Islam has been ordered not to show their beauty in public and 'to draw khumur on their bosoms' and keep themselves covered. The word 'Khumur' means the headscarf or veil to cover the body.


There are several other words used in the place of 'Khimar', i.e. Jilbab, Niqab, the most common among them is 'Hijab' which generally alludes to the clothing to cover the head, such as headscarves , mostly worn by Muslim girls and women. The word 'Hijab' has been derived from the Arabic word 'Hijaba' which means to hide from the view, and generally it means to dress decently and to be modest.


In today's society, Hijab is worn for various purposes, many wear it for religious reasons, while others do for cultural and many for fashion. In this rapidly growing modern world, there are not many people who would understand your religious dedication for hijab. In fact, in modern society, specifically in West, women with hijab are mostly targeted and looked upon as forcibly silenced. Hijab in West, is considered as a symbol of oppression.  The issue of Hijab has been among the most controversial topics for the last few years, especially after the passing of the bill on the ban of Hijab in France.



In a western society, where there is the rule of equality that reigns supreme, and the citizen who get all their basic rights including leading their lives according to their religion, then why in such a society, injustice is being done to Muslims. How can a hijab of a girl prove to be of any harm to society as long as she is also following the rules and regulations? This is unjust and unfair. Hijab cannot be a symbol of oppression or terror, and a woman cannot be forced to wear it as it is primarily a woman's own choice which she makes in submission to  God, it is her right to make herself covered and not to display her beauty publicly to avoid the disgusting looks of men.


Although, despite of huge criticism and objection towards hijab, the trend is on the top for the past few years. And a large number of international hijab shop for Muslim accessories have also been launched, which also offer online services.  Following the pattern, in United Kingdom, you find many Hijab online UK shops where you get variety of hijabs.You can also visit